The Archaic Esoteric Epoch

Milestones Throughout Thy Life.

Darkness within, consumes all.... In time...

It unfolds as does the conclusion there following..

Sure of only what fuels me..

Into the abyss I travel with no ship nor sail.

The flowing seas below me or above.

The winds blowing around me nor they be profound to me still.

I fight the battle with no purpose though the life is lived and the stage set.

Now if only I may see what is hidden or under this veil.

I wish no harm and find none dire.

My thoughts require effort as though they tire.

Mind stainless while soul becomes cracked.

Much to say yet language lost of all value.

The path hidden now, the season alien, the wonder colorless.

The sky painted, the trees animated, the care in this world limited.

Years consume days, seconds that of hours, while moments fade before arising.

Under I now sit, above I stand, and below I wonder.

Inspired by the few, angered by the masses, tired by the whole.

Tomorrow is never, while today only was, if only a moment could be forever.

Perhaps then, instead of now could be remembered.

The hue, not the shade, the shape nor the size, the value or name.

That beyond which is, through sight or touch, smell or taste, sound or otherwise.

Abyss before me, around me & within.

Nothing becomes everything.

As I am none.

,̷̐͡ W̢͉̘͇͙͂̇͒ͩ̚͝Ḩ̛̖̪͈̘̥̏̎̑̾̈́͆͞Ăͯ­̧̧̮̯̰͎͈̘̱T&